90 Day Fiancé: What Now?

SN 3 | EP 5 | Ready to Fight

The big day has finally arrived, it is Larry and Jenny's wedding day and emotions are running high. Larry and his son Lucien prepare the gazebo for Larry's trailer park wedding. Larry's mother helps Jenny get ready for her wedding and they have a heart to heart. Jenny struggles with her feelings about her family being unable to attend the wedding and tries to adapt to life so far away from her family. Can Jenny commit to a new life in the U.S. with Larry? Annie makes David a hot plate Thai breakfast in their storage facility home. While eating breakfast, David has some big news for Annie regarding her visa status. David shares another surprise with Annie and teaches her how to drive. Now living with Alan's parents in Utah, Alan and Kirlyam deal with the repercussions of Alan's surprising career decision. Kirlyam is shocked by Alan's plans. Molly finally feels free from the mess Luis left behind. Molly and Cynthia have a serious conversation about Molly's concerns for her brother Jess. After some encouragement from Cynthia, Molly has an emotional conversation with Jess about his own overseas relationship. Still scarred by her experience with Luis, Molly questions Jess about his decisions. Molly and Jess video call Jess's fiancé in an effort from Jess to reassure his sister he is making the right decision for himself. Jon meets with a lawyer to discuss his options for divorce and what this will mean for Fernanda's future in the US. Jon is surprised to learn what he might stand to lose to Fernanda, and how his actions may affect her visa status. He is forced to make a tough decision.

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90 Day Fiancé: What Now?