Four Weddings

SN 10 | EP 7 | ...and Brides on a Vine

Four Florida friends bonded over their love of wine, and planning their weddings, but when a fabulous honeymoon is on offer to the girl with the best wedding, their friendship is put to the test. From a robust red to a bottle of bubbly these girls each have their own taste in wine and nuptials. Party girl Katie wants good food and drink and to dance the night away. The baby of the group, Holly P., dreams of extreme extravagance, Destiny is all about country charm, while Holly S.'s golf theme is sure to impress the other grooms. From a hole-in-one to a horse and carriage, they put their personal stamp on their celebrations. But which girl's wedding will her friends rate the best and get her a honeymoon to savor? Find out on Four Weddings.

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Four Weddings
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