Natalie Wood: An American Murder Mystery

SN 1 | EP 1 | Natalie Wood: An American Murder Mystery

A silver screen icon vanishes in open water on a cold November night. What happened to Natalie Wood? In the early morning hours of November 29th, 1981, she disappears from the yacht she's staying on off Catalina Island with her husband, actor Robert Wagner. A search party soon finds her floating outside a cavern, dead from drowning. Police spring into action but glean little information about the moments before she disappeared. Witnesses from the boat including Wagner and captain Dennis Davern divulge almost nothing. The coroner concludes there was no foul play and her death is deemed accidental. But, years later, a key witness comes forward to change his story and the police reopen the investigation. We retrace Natalie's fateful evening with help from her beloved sister and a member of the search party.

Available: Investigation Discovery GO

Natalie Wood: An American Murder Mystery
Season 1