Dead North

SN 1 | EP 4 | Spring Thaw (Part 2)

One of the suspects in the disappearance of Chris Regan is dead. It is believed Jason Cochran died of an apparent heroin overdose. But the autopsy report reveals he was strangled. Iron River Michigan Police Chief Laura Frizzo and Hobart Indiana Detective Jeremy Ogden are convinced his wife Kelly killed him - and Chris Regan. Now it's a race to the finish in this cat and mouse pursuit as Ogden seeks to elicit a confession from Kelly, while Frizzo uncovers evidence to convict her. An episode full of surprises Frizzo and Ogden fall in love; Frizzo gets fired as Police Chief; Frizzo and the production crew discover Chris Regan's lower jaw; and Kelly Cochran - in an exclusive on-camera interview with ID - defends herself and is ultimately convicted of the murder of Christopher Regan.

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Dead North
Season 1