90 Day Fiancé

SN 6 | EP 9 | No Way Out

Eric and Leida continue their fight in the furniture parking lot. She feels as though she and Allessandro will never be Eric\'s priority and is no longer sure if she wants to get married anymore. Eric pushes her to tell him what it would take for her to be happy. She says that he needs to give up his parental rights to his youngest daughter and he refuses. Later on, they go for a walk in the park to talk through their differences. Leida tells Eric to prove to her that she is his priority. As a sign of his dedication, he promises to take care of the Tasha situation. Back at the apartment, Leida gets into a huge fight with Eric\'s daughter Tasha. When the fight escalates, they call Eric to mediate. He eventually tells Tasha to pack her things and leave. She is hurt and angry as she speeds off in her truck. Larissa, Debbie, and Lea go shopping for wedding dresses. They talk about the budget that Colt had set. The dress that Larissa likes is more than double the budget but she is sure she can convince Colt to buy it for her. Debbie and Lea try to encourage Larissa to opt for a thrift store dress for cheap Later, Jon and Lea come over to Colt\'s place for a family BBQ. Larissa shows off her engagement ring and they start talking about the wedding. Larissa says she is not happy with Colt\'s budget and Jon goes in-to attack mode demanding that she respect Colt. The fight escalates quickly with Jon eventually telling Larissa that their relationship is fake and leaves with Lea. Colt and Larissa fight in the living room and Larissa claims that Debbie is saying bad things about her behind her back. Deb-bie calls her a liar and storms off. Larissa takes off her engagement ring and throws it at Colt before storming off as well. Jonathan and Fernanda sit in a cafe and talk about how the Chicago trip has gone. Fernanda pushes Jonathan to work on his relationship with his mom. Family is really important to Fernanda and she wants Jonathan\'s family to be part of her life. Jonathan breaks down in tears and says he wishes he was closer with his mom like he used to be. He tells Fernanda he will try to repair the relationship. Ashley and Jay install security cameras in their house in response to the racist and threatening comments on their registry. People have begun to drop out of their wedding out of fear of violence. Fed up with the drama, Ashley and Jay decide to elope in Las Vegas. They meet up with Ashley\'s friends at a winery to tell them the news. Her friends are disappointed, but they understand. Later that week, they pack for their trip and talk about their upcoming wedding in Vegas. They are interrupted by pounding and yelling at the door. After Kolini leaves, Kalani talks to Asuelu about their fighting. She tells him that he seems like someone else since arriving in the U.S. and that a lot is different than what she expected. He tells her she needs to work on her attitude and stop yelling at him all the time. He begins to cry because he spent his time in Samoa dreaming of coming to the U.S. and cuddling with Kalani, but now when she\'s mad she thinks he just wants to have sex and not talk about their issues. Steven tells Olga that he\'s going to see an immigration lawyer to figure out what he needs to do in order to get baby Richie a U.S. passport. He talks to the lawyer who tells him that Richie\'s citizenship should be fairly straightforward with a trip to the embassy in Moscow, but Olga\'s visa could be delayed because of U.S.-Russian relations. Steven returns home and tells Olga the lawyer said her own visa would be delayed but Richie\'s may not. Olga asks about Richie having dual citizenship and Steven writes it off. She begins to worry that he will take the baby to America without her. In Moscow, Steven meets Olga\'s dear friend, Anna. She grills him about his intentions with Olga and asks Steven directly whether he\'s in Russia for baby or for Olga as well.

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90 Day Fiancé
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